Safely arrived at new campsite in our journey

Zion Church has had a very exciting journey over the past twenty years (thank God it’s half the amount of the 40-year wilderness journey). Zion Church started in 1999 with house worship at several church members’ home and offices. Four years later we moved to our first church premise, a rented two-storey bungalow house in Empress Road in 2003 before expanding to level 3 to 5 of a rented shophouse at 361 Joo Chiat Road in 2005.

We had to move out twelve years later from Joo Chiat Road as the landlord raised their rental every two years to a level that was too high for us to pay so we moved on in 2014 to 9 Tagore Lane our first purchased church property. In year 2017, Zion Church had grown and we needed to look for a bigger premise. We began fund raising for our new church building. The Zion Church Session explored several options at different locations across Singapore, and we even made an offer for one location, however our offer was rejected. After this setback, Zion Church members continued the search by looking for several real estate agents to source for other options.

Love at first sight

Coincidentally, by God’s planning, through the good news of the deans of Tung Ling Bible School of their successful purchase of a whole floor of units on the top floor of Nordcom II Tower A, we were inspired to look into top floor units for Tower B right next to them. Our elders and church members fell in love at first sight with the landscaped garden on level 10 of Tower B. And here we are now at the new campsite: 2, Gambas Crescent Nordcom II Tower 2, #10-13 (seven units #10-10 to #10-16), Singapore 757044.

We are thankful for 2019, where the entire process of acquiring, planning and settling at this new sanctuary took place. It was truly an unforgettable milestone God has set for Zion Church within His redemptive historical movement.

A recap of His grace and leading in 2019:

• Quarter one: we confirmed our purchase and received legal ownership to the place.
• Quarter two: we began our renovation work after having received approval from authorities.
• Quarter three: the new sanctuary and church renovation work was completed; we moved in and conducted first Lord’s Day Service on 14 July.
• Quarter four: we fully paid for all seven units. And we dedicated the new sanctuary to our God, prayerfully following the heart, faith and example of our forefathers recorded in the Bible.

It is truly by the grace of God that Zion Church can do this. He strengthened the church family and imputed in every member a cheerful heart to give and to dedicate. We are even more grateful to the generous donors from outside Zion Church, and the sacrifices of our families for their understanding and support.

Above all, we want to give all praise and glory to our Father God for choosing to build His Church through us.