Cavort: To jump or dance around excitedly.

The fifth of September 2020 marked a new milestone in the history of HORA Ministries. With hundreds of History of Redemption seminars under our belt, we hosted our very first online seminar boasting over four hundred attendees spanning fourteen countries worldwide. What’s more, we had a team of nine translators to ensure none of our attendees found themselves on the wrong side of the language barrier.

“God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.” These words by missionary James Hudson Taylor (1832-1905) rang true for Zion Church as we capitalized on Zoom’s timely inauguration of a simultaneous interpretation feature. However, as any tech junkie would know, fresh software updates are often a trojan horse for bugs. Only several days prior did the technical difficulties rear their ugly heads, sending our internet team sprawling (and praying!) for solutions. Imagine our relief when the final translation rehearsal went smoothly without any digital hiccups!

A big thank you also goes out to Bernard Dinata from Zion Church’s Sharon Praise team, whose rich baritone proclaimed songs of God’s promises and mercy. The Holy Spirit tenderized our hearts as we meditated upon the biblical truths embedded in the worship; doxology always prepares us for more theology!

Lecture 1: Josiah Begot Jeconiah and His Brothers.
For the first hour, Rev. Andrew Pak served up a piping hot lecture on God’s providence through the time of Babylonian exile. Having designated King Josiah and the Prophet Daniel as his chronological anchors, Rev. Pak took us on a centrifugal journey through the context of Israel’s first deportation to Babylon. Along the way, he demonstrated that the hand of God actively intervened throughout the transitional period in order to shape history according to His redemptive plan. The attendees grew visibly exhilarated as Rev. Pak explained how King Josiah’s religious reformation set off a dramatic series of events that prepared the Israelites’ return from Babylonian exile. With each passing minute, Rev. Pak germinated our theoretical knowledge of Old Testament history into a fresh, living grasp of God’s loving providence in paving the way for the Messiah’s coming.

Lecture 2: The Lamp of the Lord: The Royal Priesthood.
Missionary Joanna Pae took on the teaching mantle for the second hour. With the expertise of a seasoned teacher, she guided our attendees through the incredibly complex genealogy of the high priests. Her implementation of Rev. Abraham Park’s novel boundary markers for each era of the high priesthood proved extremely useful for navigating the intertestamental period between the Old Testament and Jesus’ incarnation, including the Maccabean Revolution and the Hasmonean dynasty. With a nod to human sinfulness, Missionary Pae exposed the virulent corruption of the high priestly lineage and explained the political agendas behind each appointment. Her conclusion? The entire system and history of the high priestly order culminates in Jesus Christ, the true high priest. No other can fill His shoes.

HORA ministries would like to acknowledge that this event was made possible through the combined efforts of Zion Church’s seminar team and internet ministry, the translation team, as well as the speakers Rev. Andrew Pak and Missionary Joanna Pae. Our synergistic efforts were animated by a giddy excitement to see the nations cavorting around the proclamation of the Word of God. As a testament to the power of this teaching, the feedback polls have surpassed our bravest expectations, with a large majority requesting for monthly seminars! We humbly ask you to join us in prayer, that God will continue to use HORA Ministries in spreading the Word of God to all nations (Isaiah 2:2). Hallelujah!

Contributed by Nicholas Chiang on 9 September 2020

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Offering Song – Collaboration by Overseas Pastors

Lecture One by Rev. Dr. Andrew Park

Lecture Two by Missionary Joanna Pae