Sermon Summary
The Reason For Christmas

Scripture: Matthew 1:21-23, John 1:9-14

Christmas is actually the climax, the reason for everything. This is when we remember the Seed of the Woman and all of the Old Testament existed for this day when God’s promise is fulfilled. Jesus has to come because mankind ate from the wrong tree. In order to save us from eternal death, Jesus came and that is the answer to everything. May Christmas become the answer in us. When Jesus come into our hearts, all things will be solved.

There is no reconciliation between God and men but his name is Immanuel. Separation takes place because of sin but Jesus came to reconcile us with God. Nowadays, Christmas seems to have become commercial. Everything is commercial and self-centred and emotional. Eating and enjoying is good in the Lord but it has now become a celebration without the host, without Jesus.

The birth of Jesus Christ is a mystery. It is something difficult and impossible to understand. What is the point of singing joy to the world when we do not understand? The Old Testament history is waiting for the coming of the Messiah. The New Testament history is the Messiah going and He coming again. Therefore, we are in the history of waiting again. According to Apostle John in John 1:1, He is the Word from the beginning and that Word was with God and is God. That Word is coming to us. It is simply stated in short sentences but the impact is very great. The Word that created the whole universe came to us. People shake in their boots to give their report to the President. Imagine you are working in Tesla and you need to give a report to Elon Musk. Whether you like it or not, you will feel this small. It is not a CEO, the prime minister, we are talking about the Creator, the light of men who is coming. That light is life for mankind. Everyone is fighting to keep life and this is the Word that is life and light. In verse 5, it says He came to shine upon all but the darkness did not comprehend it. In verse 14, the Word came to dwell with His people, this is Immanuel. What is the reason for Him to come? Why was Jesus born in the flesh? In Genesis, God talked and walked with Adam and Eve. No one has seen God at any time. Jesus came in the flesh and explain about the Father whom we cannot see. This is not possible if Jesus did not come. May we experience God in our lives because Jesus came.

Is the devil a major part of your life? The one who has sins, in the beginning, is the devil. The devil is trying to give us difficult times. The son of God appeared to destroy the work of the devil. That’s why we say only Jesus. The problem is, do we believe that only Jesus can take away the devil. We receive Jesus in our heart and is it only Jesus? We need to cast out everything else. Oftentimes, we receive Jesus on top of other things. If all the other things don’t work, then we have Jesus. Is it only Jesus or also Jesus? Don’t we calculate all these too? I am not saying don’t go to the doctor. The devil’s plan changes too. Devil says to believe in Jesus but also depend on other things. It is foolish to put all your eggs in one basket right? What if Jesus does not help you? According to Hebrews 2:14 Jesus was born into this world so as to render the devil powerless. Christmas is not just receiving Jesus in our life or putting Jesus as an accessory. When we only have Jesus in our hearts, the devil will be destroyed. We can nag at our children 100 times, but if Jesus goes into them, they cannot go out and sin. Jesus nullifies the power of death. Let us believe that the moment we believe in Jesus, all sins will be washed away. May all of us experience newness. May we experience and realize that we can come to Jesus and our sins are washed away. Once and for all, he has put away our sins. All we have to do is to believe that God is with us, we have no sins and let us go on to the next step. Jesus took away the woman’s sin so that she can be made well. Jesus was God and that is why he can take away sin. Jesus’ purpose in His ministry is to forgive sins. He did not come as a physician, he came to be our Saviour.

Has Jesus been born in your heart? Let us believe today. We do not have a high priest who does not understand our sin. We may have thought we understand Christmas. Jesus came to restore our sonship. We sinned and we became a slave to the serpent. Jesus came to restore that sonship to us so that we can call Him Abba Father again. Whose children are we? Let us receive the authority to be God’s children. By receiving Jesus, we will become sons of God which the world wishes to see. May we receive Jesus wholly and may Jesus be the only Saviour of our life and may that be the greatest gift of our life. When that takes place, may God amplify and multiply the blessings in our lives.


Pastor Samuel Kim