Sermon Summary
The Plagues (Part 2)

Scripture: Exodus 7:19-23, 8:3, 16

These signs and wonders, which are also known as the plagues are not just to judge Egypt, but these are acts of God that have a message, a teaching, through these God not only judged Egypt which was oppressing God’s people. He allowed the Israelites to come to understand and seek the true reality and true image of how ugly, filthy, shameful this filthiness of fallen mankind is. It is revealing the real identity of Satan behind Egypt, it is a spiritual battle between God and Satan who took away God’s firstborn Adam.

This covid 19 is a global pandemic and is a great wonder, it causes us to wonder why it is happening and who is behind this.

In the end times, in Revelation 18, God is telling His people to come out of Babylon and the city of sin. May this be a chance for us to come out of our ways and lives of sin.

Let’s think of the first 3 plagues today.

1. God turned the water of Nile into blood. Exodus 7:14-25
The name of the god of Nile is Hapi. Even where there was drought and famine in other countries, Egypt was ok because it had the Nile river that never dried up. This Nile river represents the source of prosperity in this world. When the crop and harvest was plentiful, whom did they glorify? The god of Nile, and themselves for the effort of footing the water.

The Nile river represents the waters below in Genesis 1, on Day 2 God created the expanse and the waters were separated. The waters above were above the expanse, representing the kingdom of heaven. The waters below represent this world, the people of this fallen world. Revelation 17:15 tell us the water upon which the harlot sits were nations, tongues and people. This water below is dirty water mixed up with metal, dirt, representing us before we came to believe in Jesus. When we received the Word, the waters below receives the natural light from the sun. Psalm 84:11 tells us God our Lord is the sun and shield. The light from the sun is the Word of God as John 1:14 tells us. Jesus says I am the light of the world in John 8. Just like when we receive the Word, our hearts start to warm up, the state of the water changes form from liquid to gas. This process is called evaporation. In the spiritual world, this evaporation is called being born again through water and spirit. When dirty water evaporates, only clean water vapour goes up to form clouds, the dirt is left behind on the ground.

In Canaan, the water comes from above. The only way for Israelites to receive water, although they had to farm and work, was to depend on and pray to God.

Through the plagues God is revealing that through the fall and sin coming in, human blood lineage has been corrupted and is decaying just as the blood water in River Nile was decaying and foul smelling. We cannot inherit the kingdom of God from this bloodline. Our life in this fallen world must be purified, that water needs to be changed into pure water.

We cannot depend on flesh and blood, but we have to depend on the spiritual waters that Jesus is giving us. We need to be born again in spirit to inherit the kingdom of God.

2. The plague of the frogs Exodus 8:1-15
For the Egyptians and their culture, frogs represent fertility. The name of the frog god was Heket, discovered through archeological excavations. In the Bible, frogs represent the unclean spirits that come out of the water of Nile, out of the mouth of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet in Revelation. They are the spirits of demons.

The Euphrates is where God’s last judgement will take place. It is the evil spirits, like frogs, that will gather to this place. Exodus 8:3 tells us that frogs are on the beds and bowls.

If this unclean spirit, this defilement comes and defile the bed, according to the biblical language, defiling the bed is fornication and adultery tainting and staining this world today.

Secondly, frogs in the bowls, the unclean spirits in the food. From the beginning, the fall of mankind is eating the wrong thing, eating according to the deception of the evil spirit. Eating is not just referring to physical eating of food but attaining and making something into mine, eating of knowledge, input of thinking.

3. Plague of gnats Exodus 8:16-19
Gnats are like fleas, lice or mosquitoes. The common thing is they suck on people or animal’s dust. These things carry diseases and germs. Beings that have to suck on other’s blood is in itself a curse, but they have to suck on blood to reproduce and live, as a result of the fall.

Dust becomes the serpent’s food, this is a spiritual language because snakes don’t eat dust. After speaking to the serpent, God speaks to man, and man is cursed to become dust, and serpents are cursed to eat dust. This dust is the spiritual state where the breath of God is taken away.

When man rejected the Word of God, that Word is the spirit of God. The breath of life, “neshema” in Hebrew means life, and spirit. Adam rejected the true presence of God, God’s Word, and spiritually he became dust “apar” and this dust is like parasites sucking on the blood of Jesus Christ.

Through these plagues let us ask ourselves: What do I depend on? Am I truly born again? Are these aspects still in me? May you and I will receive the spirit of God, the breath of life, may we not come to dust but be living beings that will not depend on the river of Nile but will depend on the water that Jesus gives us. I pray you and I will be born again day by day, through water and spirit, through the Word and the spirit of God.


Pastor Samuel Kim