Dedicate Yourselves Today | 07.November.21

Sermon Summary Dedicate Yourselves Today Scripture: Exodus 32:25-29, Deuteronomy 6:4-5 In Deuteronomy 6:4-5, the word “all” is “kol” in Hebrew, which means

Dedicate Yourselves Today | 07.November.212021-11-13T16:43:48+00:00

The Greater Things | 24.October.21

Sermon Summary The Greater Things Scripture: John 3:12 1. Jesus tells us there are heavenly and earthly things. Throughout His

The Greater Things | 24.October.212021-11-06T16:25:16+00:00

Cast Your Bread On the Waters | 10.October.21

Sermon Summary Cast Your Bread On the Waters Scripture: Ecclesiastes 11:1-2 Today’s passage comes from Ecclesiastes, we believe it is Solomon, the

Cast Your Bread On the Waters | 10.October.212021-10-17T15:19:41+00:00

Power of the Beasts | 03.October.21

Sermon Summary Power of the Beasts Scripture: Revelation 13:16, 11-14 COVID-19 has allowed us to think about the end-time. One of the

Power of the Beasts | 03.October.212021-10-09T18:15:38+00:00

Woman clothed with the Sun | 19.September.21

Sermon Summary Woman clothed with the sun Scripture: Revelation 12:1-6 Revelation chapters 12 & 13 are revelations about the church, with the

Woman clothed with the Sun | 19.September.212021-09-26T01:49:11+00:00
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