Sermon Summary
Survival or Faith

Scripture: Numbers 13:27-33

Who are the Canaanites and Amalekites in our lives today? This is something we need to think about, in order to be prepared for the end times. Anakites were stumbling blocks for the people of God, they are against the people of God and the will of God. Christians today, rather than standing against the powers of sin, they together and blend in together!One of the biggest questions asked nowadays is, what kind of changes will take place after Covid 19 is over? Satan is working really hard to take advantage of this situation, to lead people away from God.

What or who are the Canaanites and Anakites for us today?

Every individual has something that gives us fear, blocking our way from going forward to fulfill God’s will. Our world is moving faster, in technology and various fields; and Satan takes out God and put mankind without the spirit of God as the centre and its hero. Some people want to create a utopia with human philosophies, and the help of technology like artificial intelligence.

The principles of Silicon Valley:
First, information is wisdom. They want to create a world with more information about every individual and household.
Second, transparency is authenticity. For everyone to be transparent, show their lives and everything they do on different platforms.
Third, convergence is integrity. Putting everything together, like radio/TV/phone/emails into one device.
Fourth, processing is judgment. Faster processing speed for computers. Storage is memory.
This equates technological capacities with human virtues, morals and standards of life, which is wrong!

We are living in times when school teachers are teaching students:
Google exists everywhere, never sleeps, remembers all and can live forever. Kids are confused whether to pray to God or use Google. These platforms are like churches, people using it like church members. Engineers behind are like pastors and priests. Many people cannot imagine a world without artificial intelligence. There is nothing wrong with technology. The problem is the idea behind it and the wrongful attitude of the people using it. What is more difficult for you daily? Not praying to God? Or not using your phone? When in trouble, do you come to God in prayer first? Or go to google and search first? We need to use technology and not be used by it, are we losing our time, our mind, our faith to it? The need for robotic technology have soared exponentially especially during this time of pandemic. This can become a turning point in global history, and lead us into the 4th industrial revolution.

12 spies went to spy out Canaan and came back with 2 different reports. 10 said, “We are grasshoppers in comparison to them.” But the other two, Joshua and Caleb said, “No they are food given to us by God, we shall by all means go in and take them!”. In biblical history, Cain’s line had power over economy, entertainment and military powers. God’s people through Seth’s line were known for worship and calling on the name of God. It is the same today. The problem happens when the people of God feared those not of God, looked up to them, and want to be like them.

We do need to work and study hard to compete and take leadership. A lot of people of God think we have no chance to fight against them. Is it for survival or faith that we need to keep worship, and we educate our children about God? Are we trying to survive and mingle into the same kind of lifestyle and mentality of this world where the beast is living in?

The whole world is going in the direction of rejecting God, keeping their superficial name as a Christian, while seeking ways to survive in this world, we need to keep faith and not only survive but we believers have to respond to God’s calling! We must realise that all the wisdom and ability to create music, art, develop technology and make wealth were originally given by God so we can glorify Him.

We must become the people of God who can bring the world back to its original form. Satan is using music, art, and industry to his advantage and take us away from God. Now we are facing a day when men will be replaced by soulless, spiritless machines. Behind these machines are people who are against Christ.


Where is our strength? How can we take this land like Joshua and Caleb? The key is: “If the Lord is pleased with us!”
What is the difference between the descendants of Seth and the descendants of Cain? What was the difference between Joshua and Caleb and the other spies? The difference is that they had God, worship and faith!

Even if the world is going in a different direction, the most precious, important and irreplaceable thing is our faith, worship, and prayer to God. Faith begins from knowing God, and that leads us to being and doing.

What these AI machines and people who do not know God do well, is only collect information, so they stop at knowledge. But God has created us so special – we have spiritual ability! Only mankind has the ability to fellowship with God, connect with God, and go into the kingdom of heaven. Man is able to relate, empathise, have mercy, compassion, and love for others.

How do we keep worship and prayer? Is it mechanical and habitual?
If it is, even machines and AI can replace us. If it is a spiritual relationship and conversation with God, nothing else can replace that.

Human beings have imagination and creative thinking that allows us to produce art, amazing music, songs of praise, and Psalms. These are developed through worship, prayer, fellowship, relationship with God, and education that takes place mainly at home and at church.


Pastor Samuel Kim