Sermon Summary
Satan’s Final End

Scripture: Isaiah 27:1

We had studied the identity and ways of Satan and today we will study about Satan’s final end.

Today’s passage in Isaiah 27:1 speaks about a sea monster, Leviathan. We are going to think about the 3 names of Satan.

1. Leviathan
The description of Leviathan is the fleeing serpent.
(i) The craftiness and swiftness of Satan (Job 26:13-14)
Satan comes into my life and causes me to sin. It goes away really fast. It is quick, effective and crafty.

No matter how fast and well the serpent might hide, God’s hand pierces the fleeing serpent. Let us pray that God will pierce that serpent in us before the serpent causes us to fall. Let us pray that we may not walk and repeat the same way of Adam and Eve, the way of sinning against God, rejecting God’s Word and being deceived by the serpent.

(ii) Twisted serpent – defying and twisting of the truth of God’s Word, crooked ways (Habakkuk 1:4)
There are times when we hear the Word and think the Word of God is so powerful and heavy, but in our life, it is never applied. That Word gets away and is never applied to my daily life, it may have poked us in our heart, but when we go into our lives, the Word does not follow us, the Word on Sunday is so separate from our daily lives Monday to Saturday. Habakkuk says the law is powerless. The law is ignorant, meaning the law stays only in our head but not in our lives.

Jesus says in John 14:6 that He is the straight way to the Father. Satan makes it complicated and gives us doubts and makes the straightforward way into a confused way.

(iii) Monster in the water/sea (Psalm 74:13-14)
God takes the Leviathan out of the waters and throws it into the wilderness, gives it to the creatures to be eaten. It is a sea monster. In Hebrew, “sea monster” is tannin, referring to sea creatures or dragon.

Sea represents the sinful world. Satan the Leviathan is the monster and devil living in the midst of the sea of the world. But God in Isaiah 51:10 says God divides that water and makes a pathway for the redeemed ones to cross. Can you reminisce the time when God parted the waters of the Red Sea? The parting of the Red Sea waters, or even parting of the Jordan River waters. If the sea waters represent the sinfulness of this world, that is where Satan lives. What is God doing when He parts the waters? I pray that the spiritual parting of waters will take place in your life. Wherever you go, wherever our children go, whatever they are doing, I pray that blessing of God may be upon all of us.

2. Dragon
(i) It has many heads (Revelation 12:3)
What are the 7 heads? Many scholars think it is the 7 anti-Christ nations that have or will rise up, with 10 leaders.

What is the result of many heads? 7 heads, probably 7 times as smart, resourcefulness, knowledge, data and information that Satan will have in the end. Which he will use to tempt the world. Right now there is a war of who gets more data from you. In order to overcome the 7 heads, we don’t need 8 heads, we need the wisdom of God. No matter how smart and resourceful Satan may be, no matter how big the databank Satan may have, if we have the wisdom of God, we can overcome.

(ii) He pours water like a river from his mouth to sweep away the church of the end times
In Revelation 12:15-16, this woman represents the church and saints of the end times, you and me today. Where is the water coming from? Its mouth. That is the Word that comes out of the serpent’s mouth that sweeps God’s people away, just like Adam and Eve. That flood of water from the serpent’s mouth caused Adam and Eve to take from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The water is the philosophies and empty deception that takes people captive (Colossians 2:8).

(iii) Blasphemous
Blasphemy is taking out God and putting myself in that place.

When the world, Satan, serpent pours out waters of philosophies and empty deceive, is there earth opening up and swallowing it up so it doesn’t affect you? Or is it the opposite – That the earth swallows up the Word of God instead and the Word of God doesn’t affect you?
Let’s not have false faith, let’s not use the name of Jesus or this lingo of faith, when there is not really anything. Let us not deceive ourselves.

3. Rahab (Psalm 89:9-11)
Rahab in Hebrew means Semi-demonic being, Egypt, monstrous evil force or being, the arrogant one, boisterous one, raging behaviour.
Rahab is spoken of in connection to Egypt and Babylon (Isaiah 30:7, Ezekiel 29:3)

According to Revelation 11:8, it is referring to the world that crucifies the Lord. It speaks of the place and people who killed the 2 witnesses of the end times.

Who is stronger in your life? Rahab or the 2 witnesses? The 2 witnesses proclaimed the Word. The effect of their proclamation of the Word: People hated it because it is condemnation or pleasant Word they want to hear. Example: If you don’t repent, you will be destroyed. We all like to hear happy things, things that encourage us.

Have I become Egypt? Have I become Babylon? Which is full of idols, unclean spirits that do not welcome the Word of God? Egypt and Babylon became the epicentre of Anti-Christ, the great harlot, the unclean spirits. Rahab is like the beast that raised war and killed the 2 witnesses. Are we rejoicing in the Word of God? Or is the Word of God making us uncomfortable and inconvenient and challenging against my ways?


Satan’s final end. When Satan dies, those who follow Satan will also perish together. May you and I not be one of them. May God kill that Satan in our life, please believe and rejoice in the fact that the victory is already decided. Who wins? Jesus wins. Those who follow Jesus to the end will sing the song of victory together. This hardship and struggle, sickness, spiritual and physical will all be taken away when God destroys Satan.


Pastor Samuel Kim