Sermon Summary
Hebrews 10 – Heavenly Tabernacle and The New Covenant

Scripture: Hebrews 8:1-6

What is the end point of learning of Melchizedek? We have such a high priest.

Hebrews 8:1 (NKJ) Now this is the main point of the things we are saying: We have such a High Priest, who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens,

Hebrews chapters 8-10 concludes about Jesus our worthy Mediator. As an introductory study, we will think about the new covenant and the heavenly tabernacle today.

1. Jesus Christ is the high priest who mediates for us

Congratulations! Because we have this amazing mediator, we are able to enter into the heavenly temple, and look forward to the fulfilment of the new covenant.

What is the new covenant?
Hebrews 8:10 (NKJ) “For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the LORD: I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.

The first covenant was given at Mount Sinai, Moses went up the mountain and received the 2 tablets. Those first set of stone tablets were shattered because of the people’s sins of idolatry. So Moses received the stone tablets the second time. The new tablets were not of stone but they are tablets of your own hearts and minds.

What is so special about this new covenant? Salvation by the Second Coming Lord for those without sin (Heb 9:27-28). This is the blessing of Melchizedek. Therefore there is no more death. That is the new covenant.

Jesus Christ is the only qualified mediator between God and us. (1 Tim 2:5)
(Heb 9:11-18) In the first covenant it required death because of sin, so the One who made the covenant gave His own life. That is why the moment you believed in Jesus Christ, that activated the new covenant. The new covenant means there is no more death, there is no more judgment for us.

2. Jesus Christ is the high priest of the heavenly tabernacle

Jesus sacrificed Himself as the offering in the heavenly tabernacle not made with hands. Jesus’ work as the high priest is superior to the work of other priests because He was the high priest in the heavenly tabernacle (Heb 8:6).

The tabernacle of Aaron, which became Solomon’s Temple, Zerubbabel’s temple, Herod’s temple are all shadows of the heavenly temple which is invisible (Heb 8:5, 9:24).

May our worship be a real tabernacle worship, not a shadow worship. The Old Testament heavenly tabernacle is called Ezekiel’s Temple, the New Testament heavenly tabernacle is the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:1-3). Jesus is inviting us into the heavenly tabernacle.

How do we enter in?
(i) This heavenly tabernacle is on a great and high mountain (Rev 21:10)
The New Jerusalem and Ezekiel’s Temple ares on a great high mountain. God’s church will be the highest spiritual holy mountain (Isa 2:2-3, Zech 8:3).

(ii) There is no more death (Rev 21:4)
We need to first overcome the fear of death, like Abraham. We have to be able to say, whether I die or not it doesn’t matter, death cannot kill me.

In heaven there is no mourning, crying, pain, hardships, hatred, dislikes. In the new tabernacle on the great high mountain, you can enjoy all the good food and not die (Isa 25:6-8). The covering will be removed, we will have clarity, discernment. Only when God gives us the spiritual eyes to see the spiritual world, can we see clearly. That eye to see clearly is faith (Heb 11:1).

When God unveils His Word, and gives us His Word directly, our faces will shine (1 Cor 13:13, 2 Cor 3:18), and allow us to clearly understand His Word.

(iii) This heavenly tabernacle is a place where those who follow the truth and understand the Word of righteousness can enter in.
We receive the spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit. He will allow us to receive the Word of truth (John 16:13). The Word of the Father is truth, and when we receive the spirit of truth we will understand that Word and that Word will sanctify us. (John 17:17, Psa 85:11)

May we understand the Word of truth so we can enter into the heavenly tabernacle. How do we enter in the heavenly tabernacle?

Conclusion: Abraham’s faith is an example of those who want to enter in (Jas 2:21-23).

James 2:21-23 (NKJ) Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar? 22 Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect? 23 And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” And he was called the friend of God.

Put your faith to works. That kind of faith is the only real faith.

The climax of Abraham’s life and faith was when God commanded Abraham to offer up his only son Isaac on Mount Moriah. Abraham received the command, and he obeyed. That mount later became Mount Zion, where Solomon’s Temple was built (2 Chron 3:1).

We have to climb spiritual Mount Zion the same way Abraham climbed Mount Moriah. This church can become Mount Zion, your home can become Mount Zion, if you receive the Word and obey the Word in your church, in your family (Rev 14:1, Heb 12:22-24).


Pastor Samuel Kim