Sermon Summary
Three Tasks to Victory

Scripture: Psalm 131

In God’s kingdom, we are all brothers and sisters. So we don’t have a line drawn in the sense that this belongs to me and this belongs to you. This world is different. What’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine. In this world, we try to grasp more for ourselves as the best situation. The worldly view and our view are different. We are God’s children and our value is different from this world. So if we want to be victorious in this world we have to study the Word of God in order to gain victory. If we do not have the Word of God to change us, we will be easily attracted by the world.

King David was a very victorious king. In his youth, he won over Goliath, King Saul, the Amalakites and the Philistines. He reigned over the whole of Israel so there must be some secret to his success. Psalm 131 is the song of ascent. So according to the Israel rabbi this is the song they sing when they return to Israel. And we can say in another way that this is the ritual of worship. The 3rd reason is that this is a pilgrim, when they return from the pilgrim they will sing this. The content and the meaning of this psalm is very deep. The melody and meaning is very beautiful. It reflects a heart that relies on God 100%. In this song, it reflects the difficulties and suffering that they went through. They did not know whether the people in Jerusalem would accept them. These people who were deported to Babylon are vastly different from the people who stayed back in Jerusalem, so the people who were deported to Babylon were like Daniel and his friends, intellectuals and nobles, so the people left behind were the people who were not intellectuals. They did not study much and they were usually the women and the children and so you can say that the residents in Jerusalem have not advanced at all in these years, so the people who are deported to Babylon they are intellectuals and very advanced in their learning but those deported and returning from Babylon do not know whether they will be accepted so they are worried and frightened, so they thought about King David their ancestor and they encouraged themselves.

Verse one
He says not proud which means not to be lifted up and not arrogant. It says my eyes are not haughty and it means I should not see myself as greater than I am. It says I do not concern with matters too great or awesome and it means that you do not do something that you have no confidence in. In conclusion, someone whose heart is not proud, whose eyes are not haughty and who does not do things that are too great and awesome is someone who is humble. If you want to gain victory, the first thing is you must be humble. In the dictionary it says to be humble is not arrogant, to be gracious, to be low profile, to give in. Someone who is humble will not exaggerate or boost and does things very realistically. It does not mean to give in in every matter. To be humble means in the right situation you must speak the right words and you should behave in the right way.

To be humble means to renunciate and empty yourself. In numbers it is described that Moses was the most humble man, so to be humble means you do not just look at what benefits you but also at the needs of others. As Christians, we need to see what is God’s needs, so we must complete the needs and the Great Commission given by our Lord.

Jesus describes himself as humble and gentle at heart but this verse many miss out on the key section at the front of the verse which says take my yoke upon you. If you want to be humble you have to take Jesus Christ’s yoke upon you but a lot of Christians do not want to carry this yolk because it is very difficult but this is the attitude of Jesus Christ.

David was also a very humble man. David expressed that he really missed the water from Bethlehem so three mighty warriors of David broke through the Philistine lines, drew water from the well near the Gate of Bethlehem and carried it back to King David. When the three mighty warriors brought back the water, David was so moved and he said I do not dare to drink this as they risked their lives and blood to bring it back, so David offered this water and poured it out in front of Jehovah in front of God. David was king, if it had been King Saul he would have drunk it but David did not dare to drink it.

Jesus was also very humble as he took a detour in order to preach the gospel. He specifically and intentionally visited Samaria to give the gospel to the Samaritan woman. A humble person does something that is unique.

Verse 2
One who is submissive is victorious. I have calmed and quieted myself means to be steady when there is no action and settled to be quiet means to stop in silence and to wait. If you are too anxious and stressed, there will be a terrible outcome.

When David was running away from King Saul, he must have many questions in his mind. He could have killed King Saul so many times but he never did because he believed King Saul was anointed by the Lord and he could not kill King Saul. Through his fugitive years, he was trained to rely on God. David had to conquer the land of Israel and he always asks of the Lord

The third secret to victory is in this verse oh Israel put your hope in the Lord now and always. This means that Christians and believers in God will always gain victory.
It means to be quiet, to wait and look upon.

Verse 2 says to be quiet, Verse 3 says to look upon and this means to be quiet and
calm. Many times we confess with our lips to wait for the Lord but we do not learn to wait. It is a big suffering to wait. The absence of restlessness is an important condition for victory.

I encourage you to win over this world. You must be humble and really read the
Bible. Pray. The most important is to be submissive. The action submissiveness is the action taken in response to authority but surrender is the attitude in response to authority and so the attitude is important. When every one of us is willing to surrender, your church will revive. We will not have any opinions and arguments. I hope you will be able to understand how to be submissive, to surrender and rely on God quietly.


Reverend Eugene Tan Yew Keng