Sermon Summary
The Church Where the Blessing of Beer Dwells (A Song of the Well)

Scripture: Numbers 21:16-18

Between the 37th (Iyer Abarim) and 38th (Dibon Gad) campsite, you see a place named Beer. That means well, or spring waters. We see places named Beersheba or Beer Lahai Roy that “Beer” has the same meaning. Today’s passage tells us that the people of God sang praises and praised God because there are waters or wells springing up in this place. The bible expresses the life of saints heading towards heaven as the wilderness journey. There are 3 things missing in the wilderness: First there are no roads, secondly there is no water, third there is no fun or excitement because it is a path of life and redemption that we must take, that is why we still come to church and live a life of faith. Beer is the turning point in the wilderness where the life that was full of agony and suffering turned into something you can praise and give thanks to God. The book of Numbers is the book of rebellion. It is full of recordings of the rebellions of the people, disobedience and grumbling.

From the 32nd camp Kadesh all the way to Beer, there were continuous and consecutive events that caused grumblings and difficulties. At Kadesh God told Moses and Aaron to speak to the rock, but because they became angry and wrathful, he struck the rock twice and received the sentence from God that he will not be able to enter Canaan. On Mount Hor, the high priest Aaron dies and the people lamented for 30 days. At Punon the path was difficult, they were sick and tired of the manna they ate daily and as a result God sent fiery serpents which bit the people and the people died. It was Beer that they arrived at finally after all these incidents. Number 21:17

From Egypt until entering into Canaan, they had to cross 3 bodies of waters:

(i) Red Sea – that refers to baptism
(ii) Brook Zered – that refers to being born again, rebirth
(iii) River Jordan – that refers to the blessing of transfiguration

In between 37th and 38th campsite, they went through 6 different places:

• Zered – abundant
• Arnon – rapid stream
• Beer – well
• Mattanah – gift
• Nahaliel – God’s valley
• Bamoth – high places.

Number 21:12-19. These 6 places show abundance and vitality that God blesses us with on our pathway towards transfiguration. The Israelites changed when they finally arrived at Beer. According to Numbers 21:18, the Israelites were overflowing with thanksgiving to the point that they were singing to God, singing of the joy of finding springing waters of life in the midst of the wilderness that is like death.

The well at Beer signifies the living waters in the Garden of Eden

Genesis 2:10. There are deep waters of life within us. This water of the spring, or water of life, is reserved and stored up in each and everyone of us. To those where the water from deep inside that God has stored, spring up, God will cause that water to give life to them and others around them. John 7:38, Jesus said those who believe in Me will have living water springing up from within them. I believe it is the waters of God’s Word that gives us life. What is the strength that causes the water of life to spring up from our life? It is the Word of God, the Word of redemption that opens up our water passage. Number 21:18 – Think about this, they are digging a well for more than 2 million people. Do you think you can dig such a well with scepter and staff? So when they are singing their nobles and leaders dug this well with scepters and staff, it is not literal but has a spiritual meaning. The bible tells us that you and I need to live a life where we diligently continue to dig wells.

(i) First according to Isaiah 12:3, we need to dig the well of salvation
(ii) Secondly we need to dig the well of the Word of God
(iii) Third, you have to dig the well of prayer.
(iv) Fourth, you have to dig the well of dedication and evangelism

In order for us to receive that kind of blessing, we have to worship faithfully. Worship is the table in the kingdom of heaven. What kind of blessings do we receive when the Word of redemptive history overflows in us? The Word is like the train filled with God’s spirit and soul and life and in each compartment, and it is coming into us with all this precious cargo of God’s spirit and soul and life. What is prayer? It is like breathing spiritually. We have to breathe well for us to be healthy. The world is very serious about this corona virus. When I looked at what is happening, this virus comes into our lungs and causes respiratory problems, our prayer is like spiritually breathing right? I was thinking it is because we believers were not praying to God faithfully enough, those who do not pray to God, spiritually it is like they already have the diseases in their spiritual lungs. I believe when you and I sincerely and faithfully pray, God will take away this virus and clear this world of this virus. So even if you may have concerns and sickness in the body, or business failing, or you are becoming poor, or your children are causing problems, please do not worry but come first to worship God faithfully first. I believe God will give you the blessing of Beer and thank care of all those problems. May we be joyful and work continuously to worship God faithfully, pray with faith in God, worship in faith. I believe all your problems will be solved.


Where do the people who have received the blessing of Beer go to? The next place is Mattanah. Number 21:18 – Mattanah, which means the gift of God. When we pray and praise God through faith, I believe we will be filled abundantly with all kinds of gifts God gives us from heaven. The bible tells us from Ezekiel’s Temple, the water trickled forth but increased and increased and gave life to many people, it even gave life to the Dead Sea. Likewise may the Word of God that flows out from Zion Church of Singapore give life to all of Singapore, all of Asia, and may it give life to all nations of the whole world.


Pastor Samuel Kim