Sermon Summary
God’s Bestowal to Abraham: Great Land

Scripture: Genesis 13:14-15

The reason we learn and study about Abraham is that our life as Abraham’s spiritual children is directly related to the consummation of the kingdom of God.

After a painful breakup between Abraham and his nephew Lot, they journeyed to the land of Canaan, but because of the quarrel between Abraham’s and Lot’s men, they had to say a painful goodbye.

At this point, Abraham was really down because he had to see his nephew Lot leaving. But spiritually this is a point of great victory because Abraham yielded. He yielded to nephew Lot. “You go and take whatever you want, I will take what’s left.” This is where God appears and says to Abraham, “Look! Even though you may feel that you have lost. Look North, South, East, West, whatever you see, I will give to you and your descendants forever.”

The word “give” amongst us human beings is a very ordinary term. But Reverend Abraham Park captured the heart of a Father God through the word “bestowal”. There is no word bestowal in the bible. Bestowal shows God’s determination to ensure everything until it is fulfilled. When the almighty God gives, this word shows God’s unbending and unending determination to give it to you, no matter what.

What are the 3 things to build a nation or kingdom? First, there has to be land, second people, third sovereignty or constitution. This is what God promised to Abraham and not only to him but also to us today.

God’s bestowals began everything, and because of that Abraham could believe, and eventually could bear the fruits of obedience. It is just humbly accepting the fact that even though we are unworthy and it may seem impossible to us at this very moment. Believing in God’s bestowal “I will give”, is faith. God gave the 10 bestowals to Abraham our father of faith.

1. Great land – the land of Canaan is our eternal inheritance
God gave the land of Canaan to Abraham. In order for an army to take over the entire nation, the special forces will be dispatched first, to a very small location or region, where they will operate with special operations to eventually conquer the entire land. That is called the bridgehead. God wanted to conquer the entire world. Canaan is just the bridgehead.

When God banished Adam from the Garden of Eden, he had to cultivate the ground. The ground is where you plant seeds and bear fruits. The Bible says the land and ground are our hearts. Eden means delight, bliss, and satisfaction. The enriched, satisfied state, the state of bliss.

2. Satan has taken over this land.
However, Satan is now taking over this land of our hearts. He has control over the visible and spiritual world. What Adam lost, is now in the hands of devil the Satan. To Jesus Christ, the devil said the land has been handed over to him.

As Christians, what part of your life or your world might still be under Satan’s control? Our life as Christians is not just about coming to church on Sunday and I am okay. As children of God, are you aware of the parts of our life that must be cleaned? This is our battle every day. We must reclaim the land that was originally ours, the land that God has selected for us from the beginning.

3. Abraham
To recover this lost land, God is searching for the lost man who will obey Him. God’s command and man’s obedience are very very important in fulfilling His bestowal.

The first command is to Adam, but he didn’t obey, so God searched and found the 20th generation, Abraham, because he obeyed and sacrificed his only son Isaac on Mount Moriah.

God commissioned Abraham with a special project to build His kingdom. Please know that you are taking the footsteps of our Father Abraham, God has commissioned you with this special building project.

God’s bestowals exist before anything, it is what initiates everything. For God to fulfil His bestowals in our lives, God first gives His command. The only way for us to take these bestowals is to first obey. When we obey, it is because we know and we believe in His bestowal. Remember, what comes first is the bestowal, and then comes faith. Therefore, faith is also provided by God as a gift.

Ephesians 2:8 (NKJ) For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God,

Since faith belongs to Jesus, Jesus is the one who shapes and perfects our faith. That is why we call Jesus Christ the author and perfector of our faith. All the vicissitudes of our lives are written by Jesus, He is the author, and we are just the cast. Hallelujah!

Your daily life is building His kingdom, whether at work, washing dishes, watching your baby, or studying in school. Every moment you are engaged in building His kingdom. This was God’s original purpose for our creation. This was the very first command God gave to mankind.

4. God’s kingdom
Each and every one of us is commissioned with a special building project to expand His kingdom. We are the bridgehead to the kingdom of heaven. As we come to gather here together, we are creating this powerful bridgehead of God.

So let us embrace this amazing bestowal that Father God has bestowed upon us. We are the kingdom of God and now we just have to expand. Let us build this kingdom together.


Evangelist Joanna Pae