Sermon Summary
Will the Son of Man Find Faith When He Comes?

Scripture: Luke 18:1-18

This is a parable that we have heard many times and I have preached about before.

The reason why Jesus gave this parable is in verse 1, that they ought to always pray and not lose heart. The first verse is focusing on prayer and the last verse is faith. There is a relationship between prayer and faith.

We have to ask ourselves, when do we stop praying? When is the last time you have fervently prayed and really read and studied the Word? Not because we are in a desperate situation, but when we desire to come close to God. We cannot fully grow unless this takes place and we fall in love with the Word. May we focus on the Word and church this year and may we experience the power of the Holy Spirit. Let us make progress this year.

The start of Revelation tells us about the importance of reading the Bible and the reason is that the time is near (Revelation 1:3). In chapter 5, we see Apostle John weeping because the book is sealed. Have you really wept and tore your heart when you cannot understand the Bible? The book of Revelation emphasizes on reading the Bible and keeping the Word in our lives and towards the end, it emphasizes on not adding and subtracting from the Bible. Thus, the book of Revelation is about reading the book and keeping the book.

Today’s parable is from a series of parables that Jesus spoke when he was on this earth. When Jesus speaks a parable, there is a real message that Jesus wants to give. Jesus uses parables when he is trying to teach about Heaven and the end time.

The widow in today’s passage was pleading to the unjust judge. She prayed but she did not pray all the way. The message here is that the prayer for Christians is not a prayer to ask for blessings. True prayer is not a prayer for what I want. Prayer is not something I can choose to do or stop. It is something I cannot stop as long as I believe in God, just like breathing. Prayer is a sign that we are dependent on God, it is a sign that God Is alive in my life. Will I be able to continue to pray in the end time when hardship comes? What if I pray for a long time and there is no answer? What if you serve for a long time in church and there is no fruit?

Who is the first person you see when you wake up? When you see a human being, you will say a greeting. If God is the first one you see, at least you will say good morning to God. Is prayer a duty or superstitious thing that we believe we need to do in order to receive blessings? Or is it because we want to connect to our king?

Any other activity in the church involves other people. Prayer is the only activity that involves just you and God. Prayer is the one activity that connects you and me to God intimately.

In Luke 18, we can see that faith is seen through our prayer. This judge does not fear God or men. We are living in this world where justice cannot be found. Because he is a judge, he has to give this justice. When he decides to do it, she stopped coming. Is this the kind of faith we have? We continue testing time and again, and when there is no answer, we give up.

Satan will make it seem like God is not alive. Jesus came and say the temple will be destroyed. The religious system was so stable then and they were convinced the temple will stand, however, the temple was destroyed. If this happens during our time, will there be at least 10 people who will remain? Let us pray that God will give us that strength to remain.

We cannot depend on our faith, that is why we need to pray. Prayer is what shows faith. Today’s title questions, will the son of man find faith when he comes? It can be translated to will there be people praying when the son of man comes. May we become people who will receive that power to pray!


Pastor Samuel Kim