Sermon Summary
Who are you?


Are we happy? The majority of people doubt their prayers will be heard or answered. 90% of those who are hospitalized because of cancer are convinced that they will not be cured. Many people have an attitude of doubting their own abilities. Thus, these kinds of people will have difficulties in trying to find happiness. Instead of focusing on reasons to be happy, they focus on reasons to be unhappy, unsatisfied, and depressed. Generally, their minds are convinced that they are unable to be happy. We cannot be happy unless we uproot and change this kind of negative thinking.

God gave us the power of faith that allows our words to make things happen. Our brain is created with much more ability and power than we know. It has the power to detect and follow what we believe and say. Hence, living words and thoughts can breathe the power of life into our spirit, soul, and body!

Jesus told us that with faith we can even move mountains. Jesus is speaking of the great power that God gave us at creation, and this treasure is hidden in the field of our hearts. The Word of God possesses such powers in our hearts and lives!
Mankind was created to be good, but the world of sin changed us. Jesus came to find and restore us to how we were originally created. Because man was created from the dust of the ground. Therefore, restoration begins from the ground. The ground is our heart and the seed is the Word. The seed needs to enter the ground, root down, grow, and bear fruits of 30, 60, and 100 folds of happiness. Matthew 13:1-9 speaks of the different grounds.

1) The Road

This shows that the heart is like a hard concrete road without a chance for the seed to penetrate. People like this stubbornly believe that they are always right causing other family members to suffer mentally and socially and having relational complications. They respect only themselves and want things done only by their ways building themselves up by stepping on others.

The cause of most mental patients is from their homes where someone had degraded their self-esteem and confidence. Because of the continual mental abuse, they become so fragile that they easily break and hurt by anything that happens outside the home. People with hardened hearts like the road do not have a place for the Word. Therefore, we need to respect the views and ways of others and learn to depend on one another.

Marriages will break up if both want each other to adjust to his/her own ways. This is impossible because everyone is different. Initially in a relationship, differences may seem attractive but in the long run, those differences, becomes an inconvenience and conflicts occur. Spouses need to learn to be more flexible with each other. If one or both is stubborn about his/her own way, then problems will arise. They need to understand what their expectations are and balance them with each other and with reality. Married couples shouldn’t compare their spouse to their parents, instead learn to communicate and adjust to each other.

We need to allow God’s grace to break the road and make it into a field, and never break each other’s roads, or else we may end up becoming enemies.

2) The Rocky Places

The rocks in our heart are thoughts and voices that tell us we cannot do it, and we cannot be happy. These rocks can only be removed and penetrated through God’s Word and grace.

3) The Thorns

God gave us good energy (life) to be happy and do good things, but we often waste that energy on useless things like hatred and jealousy, which are the thorns of our lives.


Our life and body depend on which direction our heart is headed. What prevails in that heart is called ‘faith’. Hebrews 11:1 teaches us that it depends on what the heart is convicted of. Jesus said that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains. This shows how powerful faith is. Even in hypnotism people are able to do things that normally they cannot or vice versa. Hypnotism tests show that they can sweat in a cold room or freeze in a hot room. Yet, hypnosis is only temporary and partial, but faith is real and has eternal power.

Trauma causes us to be hypnotised and makes us become somebody we are not. Likewise, we are not who God made us be. That is why we are asking the question, “Who am I?”

According to quantum mechanics applied to human bio and psychology, a person normally lives with about 200 level of energy. Joy, thanksgiving, love, forgiveness, and respect, raise that energy of life to 300, 400, and 500 (1 Thessalonians 5:16-23). And the fullness of the Holy Spirit will raise it even more. But when this energy level falls too low, the heart and the body falls sick. What lowers this level are pride, hatred, strife, greed, obsession, fear, worries, despair, guilt, shame, blame, and such.

The energy (life) is lost when they hold onto hatred and strife. When their energy level drops below 200 it causes them to feel lethargic, irritated, critical, and unenthusiastic; hence energy is taken from the body causing the body to be weak and sick. Thus, hatred leads to death. Therefore, let’s forgive for our own peace and health.

On the other hand, those who are in love find extra energy. They are bright and happy even without much food or sleep. When hatred is changed to love, the energy rises to 500. Spiritual energy and the love of God can raise that energy even higher. That’s how people are able to fast for even 40 days.

The moment we experience God’s love and grace through the Word and Holy Spirit, the energy is recharged and filled up. Hence, it is important that the Word is alive in us.


Pastor Samuel Kim