Sermon Summary
Those Who Wash Their Robes

Scripture: Revelation 7:14,22:14

Today we will learn about those who wash their robes so they can have white robes and enter the gate to New Jerusalem in the end.
We have studied a lot about the gates of Ezekiel’s Temple and its meaning. Our founding pastor taught us that Ezekiel’s Temple represents and is the Old Testament version of the New Jerusalem. So every part of Ezekiel’s Temple is not about something old but about the spiritual aspect of the city we will be entering into.

Clothes represent the deeds of the people
White robes in the bible represent the saints’ righteous deeds and acts. In the end, they are also given to the martyrs, who did not give up their faith. (Revelation 19:8, 6:11)

Whereas those ashamed of God will be clothed with shame and dishonour. (Psalm 35:26, 109:29)
So what kind of robes/clothes are we wearing today? Are you wearing the white robe, like martyrs? Are we sacrificing to keep our faith and glorify the Lord? Or are we accusers clothed with robes of shame?

Robes and clothes in the bible represent the duties and posture of worship/serving God
Especially the white robes in the Old Testament and Revelation represent the garments needed to serve God. Today we need to put on the spiritual white robe to serve the Lord.

What are you wearing today as you worship God?

Physically we are encouraged to put on clean and proper attire for worship to show respect and to represent our holiness. Spiritually this represents the white robes we need to wear to serve Him. Serving and worshipping God is not something we do for Him, it is a privilege and duty for us.

Before doing God’s work, the priest is supposed to put on undergarments, then the white linen robe. These garments cover up their shame, just like the garments God gave to Adam and Eve after they sinned. Today, Jesus gives us His garments to cover our shame and sins.
Samuel and David wore linen robes to serve and worship God. (1 Samuel 2:18-19, 1 Chronicles 15:27) These garments represent the righteousness of Jesus that He put on us.

Let’s reflect not only on today but what kind of robes do we wear daily? Let us look at our actions and deeds at home, at work, in school etc.
When pastors, elders or eldresses are ordained, we are given a robe, this is the symbolic act of God putting the spiritual robe on us. This robe represents the robe that leaders are to spiritually wear day by day. Don’t be confused thinking that it is a robe of ruling, this is not a king’s robe of authority. God gave us this robe to be more faithful: in prayer, in studying the Word, in serving God and the church.
What do we need to do with this robe?

First, we need to wash our robes in order to have the new and white robes. Washing of the robes through the blood of Jesus Christ signifies repentance and purity. (Revelation 7:14)

We must put on the new self, the new garment. And we have to keep and hold onto this new garment that He has given us daily, even when church service is done. (Ephesians 4:24, Colossians 3:10)

We need to be holy because God is holy. A long time ago, our founding pastor taught a message on Revelation 22:14 titled: “God’s holiness and God’s 7 greatest wishes”. In that sermon he gave a list of 7 things that God wants us to keep holy:

(1) God’s name. Psalm 111:0, Psalm 99:3
(2) God’s covenant. Luke 1:72, Daniel 11:30
(3) God’s Word. Jeremiah 23:9, John 17:17. We must not mix God’s Word with our own thoughts, and follow God’s Word and obey it as holy.
(4) God’s days. Genesis 2;13, Exodus 20:11, Psalm 121:1-8. The Lord’s days, and Sabbath Day in the Old Testament.
(5) God’s house. 1 Corinthians 3:17, Psalm 68:5, 87:1, Isaiah 64:10. Children of God need to keep God’s house holy. Physically we clean it, and spiritually we pray and worship so that darkness cannot come in.
(6) Offerings to God. Leviticus 2:3, 10, Jeremiah 22:2, Malachi 1:7-10. Don’t give God what is left over after I spent the rest.
(7) God’s people. Deuteronomy 7:6, 14:2, 21, 26:19, 28:9. He sets us apart and keeps us holy.

By keeping these 7 things holy, we are washing our white robes clean. Do not worship God out of obligation, like you’re forced to. Or God will say it is a burden for Him. If you are filled with greed and otherworldly things, your white robe will be filthy and dirtied.

It is through tribulation that we enter into the new Jerusalem. Let us not be surprised by that. In the end time, Satan will be given authority, and he will do all he can to prevent Christians from believing and worshipping Jesus. Satan will distract mankind from following God, make them give their hearts to the world and sin. He creates situations that make it impractical and impossible to worship God properly.

Those who have their robes washed through the tribulations, and cleansed white with the Word will receive victory through Christ. They are sealed and can stand before the throne of God!

God spread His wing over us to cover our nakedness, He gives us garments of salvation. This is God’s love! (Ezekiel 16:8-13, Isaiah 61:10)
How are we going to have our garments and robes washed? Father God gives us the new robe like how He gave Adam garments of skin. Let us believe we have received this garment. May we put on the garment, repent, obey God’s word and be covered with the light of God’s glory. May we be clothed with Christ all the time.


Pastor Samuel Kim