Sermon Summary
Those Who Are Sealed

Scripture: Revelation 7:1-4, 22:3-4

According to Revelation 7:1-4, for those who are in the city and new Jerusalem, His name will be on their foreheads. His name is the seal and it is the sign of the covenant. Only those who have the seal of God and the Lamb on their foreheads will be saved and protected.

1. What is the importance and significance of God’s seal?

Being sealed by God is of the greatest and foremost importance for individuals and the church. Without the seal of God, we will inevitably bow down to idols and the beast in Revelation during the end time.

1) Protection of God
The seal has the purpose of preserving the content before being changed or altered. Matthew 27:66 speaks about a seal that secured Jesus’ tomb.

2) Seal signifies possession
When we are sealed by God, God is recognizing that we are His possession. When we have the seal of God, we can be thankful and confident that we belong to Christ (Song of Songs 8:6). The most powerful seal is love, it can overcome everything. This is the love that came down to us and seal us through the cross through the blood of Jesus Christ.

3) Seal signifies truth (authority)
Seal proves the quality of things. When the king signet ring seals on the document, it means it is true and carries authority (Esther 3:12, Daniel 6:10). The seal of God is the seal of God’s signet ring, He approved and He is responsible for it. Therefore when we received the seal, God is saying that this is My people (John 3:33). The seal we received is the Word of God, and it is the real truth with the highest authority (Ephesians 1:18). Through the Word, we received His spirit, hope, calling, and the riches of His glory and inheritance (Romans 8:15, Revelation 14:1). Those who are sealed are the ones who follow the Lamb where ever He goes, their faith does not alter. It is protected and recognized by God.

2. The work of sealing in the Bible

God’s work of sealing His people can be found throughout the Bible and the History of Redemption.

1) During the time of Cain
After Cain killed Abel, he departed with a curse and was afraid others may kill him, and he seeks of the Lord (Genesis 4:14-15). In response, God gave the seal to Cain, giving the sign of salvation and protection to him even though Cain killed Abel. Through forgiveness, love and mercy, the seal of God allowed sin to come to a cease.

2) During the time of Noah
God told Noah to build the ark, put a pitch and cover the ark inside and out with the pitch. Pitch is made from sap from a tree, representing the blood of Jesus, the blood that came out like sap from the tree of life. And this pitch is called ‘kaphar’ (כָּפַר) in Hebrew which means to atone for. This sealing of the ark, representing the blood of Jesus Christ covering us inside and out. God seals us from outside so that the sinfulness and evil influence may not sip into our lives, may that blessing be given to every family and our children. (Ephesians 1:7) Jesus came and give us that blood of redemption, our entire life, heart and church have to be filled with the grace of Jesus and that is kaphar that covers and atones for our sin.

3) During the time of the Patriarchs (Abraham)
We see God telling Abraham about the sign of circumcision and that was the seal at this time. (Genesis 17:11-14) Circumcision distinguishes the chosen people of God from the sinful. Abraham received circumcision at age of 99 and received the new name. Those who are sealed will receive a new name. (Revelation 2-3, Genesis 17:24) In New Testament, it is replaced with baptism, which means my old self is dead, I am reborn and resurrected with the life of Christ. (Colossians 3:11, Galatians 2:22) We receive forgiveness for our sin and letting the holy spirit lead our lives.

4) During the time in the wilderness (Moses)
a. During exodus: Blood of the lamb (Exodus 12:13)
The blood of Jesus and the Lamb was the sign, those who have the blood of the Lamb were able to live and got out of Egypt.

b. In the wilderness: Sabbath Day (Exodus 31:13-17; Numbers 15:24-26)
Israelites under slavery did not have the Sabbath. But those who are liberated by God, who has received true salvation can enjoy the privilege of keeping the Sabbath day. According to Ezekiel 20:12, Sabbath was given by God to His people as a sign. This is a sign of our relationship with God that we may know He is our Lord. Only the chosen people of God, who seek and aim for eternal Sabbath will enjoy keeping the Lord’s day.

c. Entering into Canaan: Scarlet Cord (Joshua 2:18-21, 6:22-25)
Rahab was a curse and a harlot. She received the Word and believed God will destroy the city and she sought salvation, and the scarlet cord was a sign. It is a sign of her repentance, obedience and commitment. May we have this scarlet cord in us which represent the blood of Jesus Christ. That will save us and our family on the day of destruction and judgment.

5) The seal of God during the time of grace and the end time
In the New Testament, there are 2 kinds of seals:

a. Seal of the holy spirit
We receive this seal when we believe and accept Jesus into our hearts. This seal will protect us until the day of salvation. (Ephesians 1:13) By receiving the gospel and Jesus as our Lord, may we receive the holy spirit who will give us this seal. (Ephesians 4:30)

b. Seal of God
It is the seal that prepares us for the end time. We receive the seal of the holy spirit that will lead us to the end time. Revelation 7, speaks of the seal on the forehead and it signifies the centre of our thinking that lead our lives. According to Ezekiel 9:3-6, we can see that destruction and judgment began from inside the sanctuary with the Elders, those who are mature with the Word and faith. And the mark was given on the forehead of the people who sigh on the abomination. During judgment and destruction, God says do not touch those with the seal on their forehead. (Revelation 9:4, 7:2-3) When the work of sealing takes place, the destruction and wind the judgment is imminent but the 4 angels are holding back the winds of the earth and the command is not to harm until the sealing completes. (Revelation 4:1, 7:1-2, 15:5, 18:1, 19:1)

When we are sealed by God, we become His children. (Luke 10:22). If we receive the seal, we become one with the Father. (John 8:19) Jesus said I consider the command of My Father as eternal life. We come to know the Father through Jesus. Jesus is the way, the truth and life. Through Jesus we come to know Him and love Him, as a result, we do what He commanded. (John 14:31) Only those who receive the seal of God will enter into the new Jerusalem.


Pastor Samuel Kim