Sermon Summary
Those who are called by God to His ministry

Scripture: Acts 13:1-12

As Zion Church will be holding our 2022 AGM today. I want to share with everyone words of encouragement and admonishment from our Founding Pastor Rev. Abraham Park’s sermon today. May this message encourage and strengthen all of us as we pray and dedicate ourselves to serve God!
Whether a country or an organization will grow and develop depends a lot on those who feel the responsibility to serve and work for that country or organization – it depends on the people’s attitude, philosophy, and dedication.

1. What are we called to do?

Acts 13:2 (NASB95) — 2 While they were ministering to the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.
Those who are called by God are called for His work. We are not called for the title or position. We are those who are called and gathered for one purpose, to do the work of God. That is our interest. That’s why workers of God do not seek their own gain or fame in doing God’s work. Doing God’s work is a heavenly position and task. That’s why we should not lose it.

2. Posture/attitude of those who are called to His ministry

Those who are called to God’s work need to have the following qualities:
– Sense of calling (Acts 13:2)

What we need to be certain is that it is God who has called me. You may have been encouraged by someone or it is the pastor who asked you to serve in a department, but please believe it is God who has called us all to come and serve Him in His house and He is the One who set us apart.
1 Timothy 1:12 (NASB95) — 12 I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service,
Who put us into service? May we believe and be sure that it is Christ Jesus Himself who has called us to His work!

Why did God call us?
 In order to bless us through training, by teaching us His ways through our experiences of working in the church. It is also a process of sanctification and salvation. Those who helped Noah build the ark were kept separate from the sinfulness of the world and were saved in the end.
Serving in the church is not the easiest thing. It may actually be the hardest thing. We must consider it training and the spiritual pathway to eternity, or else doing God’s work and serving in the church will become the most difficult thing for you.
We are not paid to do this work, sometimes we may even have to receive instructions and directions from people who are less experienced and/or younger. We might even get blamed and hear complaints about us rather than praises, even after doing all the work.
If we do not have a sense of calling, it is very difficult to continue to serve Him. But if you know and think that God has entrusted it to you, you will be able to endure it until the end without giving up.

– Sense of obligation (indebtedness) [Romans 1:13–14]

We brought nothing to this world when we were born. We are indebted with God’s providence of life and love. And we have been greatly blessed with salvation through the cross of Jesus Christ!
This love was so great that Apostle Paul considered the most precious and important things he had as nothing but rubbish!
Apostle Paul realized that what he has received from God was so great and so precious that he said he cannot just stay still and keep quiet.
He had a heart of commitment that he would be faithful and that he would readily even give his life if God’s work requires it and he is given the privilege! It was not forced, he has joy in that commitment. May we also be able to see the greatness of Jesus’ salvation and His gift!

– Attitude of serving (Mark 10:42-45)

All the tasks and work that God has given to us are, in nature, works of serving. They are not for ruling, ranks or positions.
In the Kingdom of heaven, those who serve are the greatest!
If we don’t have this attitude of serving in doing God’s work, we will have a sense of self-merit: we will think that this church grew because of me; I did so much for this church and yet the pastor and other members do not acknowledge me…etc.
But servants/slaves do not have their voice. When it comes to God’s ways and command, we should only have obedience! Hence all of us need to learn to seek God’s will and pray for discernment to understand God’s commands in the Word.

Especially for pastors and ministers, our life is offered up to our Father just like Prophet Samuel, Joseph, Daniel, and the tribe of Levi.
 Family members should learn to have the heart and attitude of Hanna.
 We are not our own anymore as a soldier going out to war gives his/her life up for the nation.
 We cannot be torn between God’s work and other things (personal matters, family and friends)
 We need to be ready to leave our Terah.

3. Diversity in the ministry (Acts 13:2)

Different people are called for different tasks and many times people have different styles of working, but it is for One God and one Kingdom.
If a choir or orchestra is composed only of the same sound and instruments, it would not be so grand and wonderful. It is the harmony of different sounds orchestrated and arranged by the conductor that makes the beautiful sound. Likewise, I believe our church can have a beautiful harmony to glorify God when we each play our part in our places according to the conducting hands and guidance of our Father in heaven!
There are many different tasks and responsibilities in a church. And they are all different. Like each body part, they help and depend on each other. They all need each other.

4. Church’s official appointment (Acts 13:3)

Before sending them out, they prayed and laid hands. This is an act of blessing and appointment for them to go with a mission.
Even though each person may have a preference and feel like we can do better than someone else in doing their job, God has blessed us in our places to serve.
There are times when we are put into a place where I didn’t want or did not know much about. God does this to train us, teach us, equip us, make us grow, and even stretch us.

5. Immediate obedience (Acts 13:4, Matt 4:18–20)

When Jesus called them, they immediately they left their nets and followed Him.

6. Correct understanding of the task/mission (Acts 13:5)

They knew what to do and carried out the work that they were sent to do right away.
There are different tasks and responsibilities in each ministry department. Understanding the responsibilities, vision, mission, and the need for each department to be in the place and to fulfil their task at the right time is very important.
Our church’s focus is worship services and proclamation of the Word in missions and evangelism work. This cannot be done only by the worship department or missions/seminar team. Every department has their part in fulfilling this purpose together.

7. Understand the importance of working together (Acts 13:5)

8. Ability to overcome obstacles (Acts 13:6)

9. Bear the fruits of ministry (Acts 13:12)

Conclusion: The secret to their success (Acts 13:2)

1) Living worship (purpose)
2) Fervent and continued prayer (method)
3) Anointing of the Holy Spirit (result)

We should cultivate all of these qualities in our faith, in order to become a useful Christian who are called to do God’s ministry work.


Pastor Samuel Kim