Sermon Summary
The Two Witnesses And The Measuring

Scripture: Revelation 11:1-3

It is the 2 witnesses who are doing the measuring work and you and I need to be measured.

The first half of the three and a half years is when the church has the opportunity to proclaim the Word. The Word that is sealed in Revelation chapter 5 is now opened because the time has come. The 2 witnesses are the churches who have received the Word to proclaim again.

Jesus sent out the 70 disciples to proclaim the Word two by two. There was given to me a measuring rod like a staff. The staff is canon and it refers to the 66 books in the Bible. That reed we call it ruler and this ruler is the standard of measuring. This canon became the 66 books in the Bible. In Ezekiel 40:3, we see a man in the appearance of bronze with a line of flax and the measuring rod. He is always measuring the temple. The rod is the Word of God. We are also temples, so we have to meet up to God’s standards. If we are praying that we will be the 2 witnesses in the end time, we will get up and measure.

The judgement of God is not condemnation. There is a line and people have to decide which side they want to be on. God tells us to measure so that he can know what to preserve or discard. We are to test ourselves on the scale and ask ourselves: Do we have real faith, fake faith or habitual faith? Does Jesus really dwell in our hearts? (Revelation 18:4)

The purpose of measuring is to reward. We just had the Olympics. Olympics is measuring. By competing, they decide who to reward. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. With faith, there is a reward. (Hebrews 11:12)

Measuring is sealing. When the Word of God is proclaimed, that becomes the measuring. When we receive the Word, I compare my life to the Word. When we lack, we repent. When we have done well, the Word comes, and it rewards us. By separating, God measures his people.

Who does he measure? He says to measure the altar and those who worship. The altar is the place of worship and the place of sacrifice. For those who have a life that has sacrificial worship, God will measure and seal them. God will measure and seal those who have an attitude to worship, who believe in the Word and live the Word. Those who act like they have received the Word but do not live the Word, God says do not measure. There are also those who attend church but are not part of true worship. There are many reasons to come to church but one of the main reasons should be to worship God. Those who have come to church but they have not received Jesus in their hearts, they are like chaff. The measuring takes place when the Word in the little book is proclaimed again.

Another strong angel came down from the cloud personally to give the little book to John. We have to eat this book just like Apostle John did. We have to do our best in proclaiming the Word. For Noah, he has to proclaim the Word and that chance is before the door shuts. God is the one who shuts the door.

The same thing that he is speaking to Ezekiel, eat it and go proclaim to my people. Unless we receive God’s grace, we would not have enough faith to withstand the persecution. There is life in the Word. Just as God gives His Word to Elijah when he has no more strength. God is saying take it and eat it, don’t die on me. Eat, digest put it in your system. We, believers, need to eat the Word in order to do God’s work. We have to eat it to receive strength but the Word of God is bitter. It is sweet at the beginning but when the Word comes in and touch the inside of my life, it may not be sweet, it will be bitter. We may have to taste some bitterness but don’t be troubled by it. The Word cannot come in and just become poop, the Word has to bear some fruits in your life. During the time of tribulation, it will sprout up when hardship comes. If the Word is not in me, there will be nothing coming out. Don’t diarrhoea the Word, we have to digest it and store it. When the hardship comes, the Word will spring up. If you do not store up the Word, it is winter for you.

1260 days, it is 3 years and 6 months. It is a time when those who are not chosen will be left out in the realm of the Word. It is the time that the 2 witnesses are proclaiming the Word. It is the time that the woman with the sun is protected. It is the time the sackcloth is being put on. May we be the ones who will put on the sackcloth and repent. May we be truly born again and eat that Word, so that God will use us to proclaim His Word in the end time.


Pastor Samuel Kim