Sermon Summary
The Church Where God Abides Eternally

Scripture: Psalm 15:1-5; 132:12-14

I am delighted to be here with all of you today, although I regret my inability to communicate directly. Despite this limitation, I am grateful for the invitation to celebrate and give thanks to God for the expansion of this church’s education centre and the construction of a small sanctuary. As a pastor who has experienced the challenges of ministry, I offer my congratulations to Pastor Samuel for leading this remarkable dedication. I am also inspired by the efforts of Singapore Zion Church in spreading the word of God. In today’s sermon, I would like to emphasize three key points: the importance of integrity, the role of the shepherd, and the significance of consistency in the church.

The Church that Walks with Integrity, Works Righteousness, and Speaks the Truth

God chose Zion as His eternal dwelling place because it is a place where people walk with integrity, work righteousness, and speak the truth in their hearts. It is crucial for us, as a church, to examine whether we are fulfilling God’s righteousness and integrity and if we are speaking the truth with our mouths. Just as the Apostle Paul aimed to maintain a blameless conscience before God and men, we should strive to live a life that aligns with our conscience and the covenant of God. Fulfilling righteousness means faithfully living according to God’s word and sincerely keeping our promises to others.

The Church with the True Shepherd who Keeps the Temple and the Altar

The true shepherd, exemplified by Pastor Samuel, is responsible for keeping the temple and the altar of God. This role requires constant self-examination and a deep desire to fulfil God’s will. The shepherd must ensure that the church remains united with God, becoming one with Him. By teaching the congregation to offer themselves as living sacrifices to God, the shepherd facilitates true worship. Unfortunately, some shepherds and church members prioritize personal gain and fail to give themselves fully to God. However, I believe that Zion Church is different, and I pray that it will continue to be a place where the shepherd guides the congregation to discern good and evil, fostering a close relationship with God.

The Church where Words and Actions are Consistent

A church where God dwells eternally is characterized by consistency in both words and actions. We must strive to be faithful, regardless of whether we are being observed. Our hearts should remain steadfast, unchanging in our commitment to God. Isaiah’s lament about Israel’s lack of understanding emphasizes the importance of knowing our Lord and following His justice. When our actions align with God’s wisdom, we avoid corruption and perishing. Let us remember that the words of priests should preserve knowledge and wisdom, and if a shepherd fails to speak truth and wisdom, their influence will diminish. The church must value consistency to avoid void, darkness, and confusion.


I am thankful for the opportunity to share these three main points with you today. The church that dwells with God eternally is one that walks in integrity, led by shepherds who faithfully tend to the temple and altar. It is a church where words and actions align consistently, reflecting the character of God. Let us remember that the church is not a workplace or marketplace; it is a place of dedication and service to the Lord. By upholding integrity, embracing the role of the shepherd, and maintaining consistency in our words and actions, we can create a church where God truly dwells and where His redemptive will is fulfilled. May Zion Church continue to be a beacon of truth and righteousness, abiding with God forever.


Rev. Kang Taejin