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Week No. 13 | 26 Mar 2023 Lord's Day Service


PRESIDER: Elder Ridwan Dinata
*Silent Prayer
*Confession of Faith
Hymn 57
Responsive Reading:
15. Psalm 51
15. 诗篇 51
Prayer by Elder Ridwan Dinata
Scripture Reading:
Revelation 5:6-10
啟示錄 5:6-10
Choir Anthem by Sharon Choir
I Hear the Savior Say
Sermon by Pastor Samuel Kim
The blessing of the seven Spirits of God
Hymn 173
Offering Prayer by Elder Ridwan Dinata
Offering Song:
这一生最美的祝福 (The most beautiful blessing in this life)
(Deacon Andrew Cheong)
Announcements by Elder Ridwan Dinata
*Hymn 6
*Benediction by Pastor Samuel Kim

*Congregation Standing


  • Let us continue to pray for the growth and revival of our church and for the work of evangelism and missions.
  • Please refer to the following for our service times:

    • Lord’s Day (Sunday) service @ 10:45 am*
    • Lord’s Day Bible study at 1:30 pm
    • Wednesday service @ 7:40 pm*
    • Saturday Dawn service @ 6:00 am

    *Also broadcasted live on YouTube for Lord’s Day & Wed Services: http://live.zionchurch.sg

  • The Precept for 2023: “A Church that strives toward the Consummation of Redemptive History by following the path of Abraham’s faith” (Gen 18:18-19; 26:5; Gal 3:7-9; Col 1:25; Tit 2:14)

    (创 18:18-19;26:5;加 3:7-9;西 1:25;多 2:14)

  • The season of Lent has started from 22 Feb-6 Apr, let us use this time to prepare through prayer and repentance to reflect on our relationship with God, and take steps to draw closer to Him.
  • There will be Passion Week Special Services in the month of April:

    Dawn services with Rev. Abraham Park’s messages:
    Apr 3 (Mon) – 7 (Fri) at 6:00 am
    Evening services: Apr 3 (Mon) – 6 (Thu) at 7:40 pm
    Good Friday service: Apr 7 (Fri) at 10:45 am

  • 2023 HORA Conference will be held on July 1-4, 2023 in Chicago, IL, at Loyola University. Please see Pastor or Evangelist asap if you are interested in attending.
    Register at https://hora2023.rsvpify.com/
  • There will be major events taking place in the month of June:

    HORA Book 7 (The Ten Commandments: The Eternal Covenant for All Generations) Seminar: Jun 17 (Sat)

    Zion Church Dedication Thanksgiving & Deacon Ordination Service:
    Jun 18 (Lord’s Day)

    Please pray for these events as the church plans and make preparations, let us look forward to glorify Him and experience God’s amazing grace as a church.

  • Women’s Ministry will be organising a Special Potluck Luncheon on Resurrection Lord’s Day, Apr 9. For those interested to contribute dishes, please sign up on the Potluck list at the bulletin board.
  • There will be a brief meeting for Ordained Deacon nominees today at 1:00 pm in the meeting room.
  • Book 7 of the History of Redemption book series: “The Ten Commandments, the Eternal Covenant for All Generations” has arrived! Purchase your copy at $35 with EJoyce.


Prayer (Wed 29 Mar) Deacon Cai Weizong
Presider (Palm Sun 2 Apr) Elder William Ng
Basket Bearers (Palm Sun 2 Apr) Elder Ridwan Dinata, Elder Steve Yoon


Via Internet Banking

You can give an offering electronically by transferring to the following account:

Please make sure to indicate your name, type of offering and the date info under the memo/remarks sections when initiating the transfer. Please indicate your offerings’ purpose especially for TITHES (to be listed as TH).
Note: Any online offerings without indications of whether for tithing, thanksgiving, building, mission, etc will be recorded as regular offerings.
Thank you for your assistance.

1. For regular, tithes, thanksgiving, special, and missions offerings ONLY
Account Number: 621835867001
PayNow UEN #: T00SS0141D

NOTE: Please specify Name, Purpose and Date (ddmmmyy) of the offering in the MEMO or Bill Reference Number section. See Example 1.

2. For Building Offerings ONLY
Account#: 047-903777-2

NOTE: Please specify Name, Purpose and Date (ddmmmyy) of the offering in the MEMO or Bill Reference Number section. See Example 2.

3. Offering toward Missions Offering or Book Drive to support broadcasts of the History of Redemption Series globally, can be made in the following ways to HORA Ministries:

1) Direct bank transfer to:

DBS (Development Bank of Singapore)
Account Number: 271-310151-9 (Account Type: Multi Currency Account)
Currency Type: All currencies accepted (US$, S$, etc)
Address of Beneficiary Bank: 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982
Country: Singapore

2) PayNow to HORA Ministries via NRIC S7638942Z

3) Indicating “Book Drive” or “Missions” on the offering envelopes.

Use the following acronyms to indicate Purpose (offering type):

    • RO = Regular Offering
    • TH = Tithes
    • TG = Thanksgiving
    • SP = Special Offering
    • MO = Missions Offering
    • BO = Building Offering

Example 1:
JohnDoe TH 05APR20
SamMiller TG 05Mar20
JaneSmith RO 03May20

Example 2:
JohnDoe BO 05APR20

By Mail

You may mail your offering cheques to Zion Church to below address:
“Finance Department”.
2 Gambas Crescent, Nordcom 2 Tower 2 #10-13. Siangapore 757044.


You may transfer via ATM:
Please inform any Finance Team member if want your offering to be recorded.

  • Eldress May Ling
  • Deaconess Leh Tieng
  • Elder Steve

Living Manna

Sermon Summary
The news of Spring’s arrival with sprouting buds

Scripture: Song of Songs 2:8-14

The splendid Spring is called the season of colours where countless multiple colours work in perfect harmony. Insects and birds have their own musical instruments and distinct songs. All these come together to harmonize and create a beautiful symphony. Likewise, when unique individuals come together under Jesus as our conductor to serve Him, we will become the greatest orchestra in the whole wide world.

Apostle Paul says in 2 Cor 2:14 if you believe in Jesus you will manifest the sweet aroma like Jesus. Our character must be like the bountiful abundant spring garden. We must have the mind which is in Jesus Christ (Phil 2:5). The heart of Jesus Christ is a warm spring garden. Jesus is gentle and humble in heart (Matt 11:29). If you are arrogant, you will fall head long (Prov 16:18).

Song of Songs 2:10 expresses the whispers of spring, the vitality of spring is too splendid and too beautiful for us to sit back; we must not miss the sight of beautiful flower budding and blooming.
Verses 13-14 could be a song that expresses love for the lovers.

Spring gives a lot of lessons.

The lessons of life that spring gives are as many as the flowers that bloom.

In the western culture, this 3rd month is called March. What does March mean?
① marching on ② setting off ③ moving forward.

The year begins with the months of January and February, but in January and February time, the cold energy of the earth which has been frozen from the severe winter still lingers, so nothing can be revived. Only in the month of March, snow melts on the mountains, the frozen ground becomes softened by receiving the warm sunlight. So the month of March is a time all creation starts a new movement of vitality. We must hear the sound of all creation awakening in Spring.

Spring means to jump, to burst open, to leap, to explode. Isaiah 40:31 says to have faith like an eagle that takes any headwind to its advantage and soar higher.

Spring also means elasticity, energy, dynamic power, source of strength and leaping forth.. I believe the word Spring signifies the transformation in which life burst forth after being frozen.

Spring is a season when all things in the universe come alive and spring up. The hard ground that has been frozen and stepped on by many people, will be broken through by tiny weak fragile shoots. Where there is life there is a breakthrough.

Wouldn’t it be a parched spirit if we can’t hear the sound of all creation opening their eyes to the Spring like this? We must know how to interpret Spring spiritually, we must welcome the spring of the soul, not just the new environment that spring brings.

Jesus says if you plant now, you will reap in 3 or 4 months later.
John 4:35 Don’t you say, ‘There are four more months and then comes the harvest?’ I tell you, look up and see that the fields are already white for harvest!

Two people will be working in the field, one will be taken, and the other one will be left behind. So we have to wake up! And hear the calling of the soul in the spring. Jesus is calling us to return, and to open the door of your frozen heart, and return to that heavenly world, the world of eternal spring. Our heart must become that garden of spring.

In spring you have to hear the sound of flowers blooming.

Psalm 19:2 tells us that God’s creation speaks but we cannot hear it, only a spiritual person can hear. Magnolias, azaleas, and forsythias, these flowers all paint the mountains and fields crimson red and yellow.

We must blossom in our all lives in the Lord, why because flowers bear fruit only when they bloom. Wasn’t there severe winters in our lives? The days of signing and sorrow seem infinitely long but when the spring time comes, new shoots begin to sprout in the heart, beautiful flowers will bloom and the bible calls this hope (Rom 5:2-5).

Don’t let your minds be stuck on the winter time, look at the wild flowers blooming and the cosy spring gardens and fields. Think about it and feel it. As long as you receive the Lord’s love, everything in the past will melt away like thin ice. And God plants in your heart a spring garden of His mercy, love, compassion and His goodness, all without any single trace of evil.

We must bear fruit in all our lives in Jesus Christ.
Flowers blooming is not the end. When the vine branches bear fruit, the joy reaches its climax. If you don’t take care of it in the springtime, it will not bear fruit in the fall. That’s why Jesus said in

John 15:4-5 4 Remain in me, and I will remain in you. Just as the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it remains in the vine, so neither can you unless you remain in me. 5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remains in me—and I in him—bears much fruit because apart from me you can accomplish nothing.

Dear saints, if we welcome spring, we must become branches and buds that can bear fruit. God is our farmer, our God is sleeplessly, anxiously, fervently and always taking care of us whether we are asleep or awake, so that we can bear fruit. God is with us, guiding us and He does not put His mind at ease because of us.

John 15:7-8 7 If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you want, and it will be done for you. 8 My Father is honored by this, that you bear much fruit and show that you are my disciples.

If we the saints bear fruit in our lives then
① God is glorified.
② we will become true disciples of the Lord

Come let us arise and go together.

When Jesus comes and hold onto your right hand and whispers, the warmth of the spring is telling you: “arise darling, come with Me”. Please obey.

Spring therefore is a season to arise, not a season to stand still but a season to take off.
Winter is a closed season. And it shouldn’t be winter among our saints! You can’t just flock with your own groups only, you have to connect with everybody. You should never be cold season to one another. The heart of the believer should be always open.

Spring comes only after we endured wintertime. You can only welcome the spiritual spring that God delights in when the winter passes, when you persevere the winter time. The spring of our faith is to feel joy, to hear the voice of God, and to behold the heavenly world. A heart that is filled with the clouds, that is misty and rainy, will never be able to receive the warm sunlight of spring. So let us open the door of our hearts.

Rev 3:20 Listen! I am standing at the door and knocking! If anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come into his home and share a meal with him, and he with me.

When our hearts are open , then sunlight can come in. When the windows are open in the house, you can ventilate the house, you can breathe in the fresh air, and all the bad smell will be gone. Also when the sunlight shines, it will kill off all the germs that were infesting and swarming in your house. “So arise and come with Me (Jesus)”.

Spring is the season of opening all your doors. So open your doors, spring is the seasons to open your hearts and arise with your hearts wide open. You must understand others, help others and have no hatred in your hearts. All problems come from not understanding others.

Open your heart, it’s Spring. Stand up, arise, you must start toward God.
Winter has passed. Now we all pray for the country, for the people, and furthermore for your parents, brothers/sisters, relatives, cousins, sons in law or daughters in law. May there be the blessing of welcoming such a season for every individual, every family, every nation.

Only when you arise, you can hear and see the world of God’s glory. I hope you will now believe and arise in every aspect of our lives! I ask in the name of the Lord that all the saints will arise, earnestly praying before God for ten-fold revival, and setting out to march together to harvest souls.

Get up , pick up your bed and go!
To the person who was sick for 38 years, he was lying by the pool of Bethesda, the Lord saw him and had compassion on him. “Pick up your bed and walk”. This Word has come to all of us today, speaking to you, calling your name! Jesus is saying: “Don’t worry about the past, when I tell you to pick up your bed that was heavy laden with so many entangled problems, and walk”.

Please obey and welcome in warm cosy garden of spring. Please believe.


Reverend Abraham Park

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