Sermon Summary
Are My Eyes and Ears Blessed?

Scripture: Matthew 13:14-16


In this world, our eyes and ears often grow tired, and temptations can harm our character. These temptations enter through our eyes and ears, and if we can’t overcome them, we will face judgment. To avoid this judgment, we need to possess blessed eyes and ears.

What are blessed eyes that we need to have?

Blessed eyes are essential as they guide our judgments and actions. They are compared to silver, representing their significance. Our entire being, including our faith, is influenced by what we see. Jesus said in Matthew 6:22 that the eye is the lamp of the body. If our eyes are clear, our whole being will be full of light. However, if our eyes are dull, darkness will encompass us.
Consider the people of Sodom who indulged in corruption and sexual immorality. God decided to destroy the city, but He sent angels to save Lot and his family. When the men of Sodom saw the angels, they desired them sexually. Lot, in an attempt to protect the angels, even offered his daughters to them. However, the angels blinded the men of Sodom. In the end, God will blind the wicked and lead the righteous to safety.
Lot’s wife, however, did not escape judgment because her eyes were not blessed. When instructed to flee without looking back, she couldn’t resist the pleasures of the world she left behind. She turned back and became a pillar of salt. To possess blessed eyes, we must fix our gaze on what God wants us to see, not on what we desire to see.

Adam and Eve also faced judgment because they saw what they should not have seen—the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Eve, enticed by its appeal, succumbed to temptation. Similarly, sins in the world stem from the lust of the eyes, as mentioned in 1 John 2:16.
Throughout history, many fell into sin because they allowed their eyes to wander. During Noah’s time, believers started to desire things unrelated to God, leading them astray. King David’s sin began when he saw Bathsheba bathing. The era of Judges was characterized by people doing what they saw fit in their own eyes.

On the other hand, there were individuals who saw Jesus correctly. One thief, who lived a life of sin, recognized Jesus as the Savior in his final moments. Judas Iscariot, despite being with Jesus for three years, could not see Him correctly. He betrayed Him for money and caused His death. The disciples on the road to Emmaus also failed to recognize Jesus until He taught them through the Scriptures.

What are the blessed ears?

To possess blessed ears, we must listen to the Word of God sincerely and discern truth from falsehood. Lot’s sons-in-law didn’t take God’s warning seriously and perished. The Apostle Paul warned of people who would accumulate teachers to suit their own desires, rejecting sound teaching. Those who resist the Holy Spirit have uncircumcised ears and are easily influenced by wickedness.
We shouldn’t blame external factors for listening to falsehoods. Adam and Eve could have said “no” to the serpent’s deceit. Those who refuse to love the truth may be deceived by false beliefs. In order to discern correctly, we must pray to God, asking Him to open our spiritual eyes and ears.

Conclusion: What kind of eyes and ears must we have?

In conclusion, we need blessed eyes and ears to see and hear correctly. When we only focus on what we want, we become susceptible to deception. To receive these blessings, we should pray for God’s help and seek His wisdom. May we become blessed saints who can perceive the great things God will accomplish through Zion church.


Evangelist Jasmine Jung